Which Dog Is Easiest To Take Care?

Which Dog Is Easiest To Take Care? Are you looking for a dog companion? Do you want to know which breed of dog is easy to maintain? If yes, you are in the right place. You want to welcome a non-human friend to your home.

However, you are following a busy schedule, and you do not have enough time to take care of your pet. You want minimal training, grooming, and healthcare needs. You will find a few specific breeds that do not demand much care.

Low maintenance dogs are available in different sizes. You can consider any size that you find suitable for your home.

Things to Look in Low Maintenance Dog Pets

The best dog breed for lazier and busy people is the one that does not have much energy level. When your pet is more active and energetic, you will have to give more effort to keep the dog busy.

Therefore, you will have to ensure that your chosen breed of dog has lower to moderate energy levels. In addition to the energy level, the intelligence level needs to be average. Make sure that the breed does not need much medical care.

Let’s cover the breeds that demand less care.


If you want an affectionate and loveable pet, you must consider a dachshund. This breed is available in two sizes. You can go with either medium or miniature size depending on your preference. Their small stature makes them a great choice for many.

Also, they need weekly grooming. When it comes to exercises, you can consider moderate exercise. Their tiny frame does not make them suitable for long training sessions and exercises. They will need a little bit of play and regular napping.

Dachshund will not bother you much and can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. However, you will have to spend some quality time with your little companion.

French Bulldog

French bulldog can be a great companion if you want a pet to have a lot of fun in your relaxing time. You are going to love this latest addition to your family. This breed is known for being the most cheerful dog breed. When it comes to the energy level, they are very energetic.

But they lack endurance. Therefore, they are not going to cause a lot of trouble. You can consider moderate exercise for your little companion. This breed is well behaved and does not demand much attention. You can teach them some basic commands.

They are fast learners. They will learn fast and can entertain you a lot.


Many people believe that greyhound is an active and energetic breed and demands some specific care. However, this breed is not super energetic. Most of them behave like couch buddies and will not like to play a lot. They would love to spend time with you.

More importantly, they will not demand more attention like some other breeds. However, they like occasional running and daily work. You can take your pet while going for a walk. Your pet will enjoy your company without causing any disturbance.

They do not need frequent exercise. Also, this breed is overall healthy. In brief, we can say that these are easy to manage. They are responsive and fast learners like the previous one. The size is large, and the look is cute.

If you want an easy-to-maintain large dog, you can consider a greyhound.


Do you want a tiny dog? If yes, you can go with Chihuahua. You will love the size and look of Chihuahua. The pocket-size pet can be your best companion. These dogs are calm and friendly. Though they have a lot of energy, they do not like to do exercises.

This breed is healthy and requires minimal medical care. You will not have to spend a lot of time and effort on grooming. However, these breeds are a bit demanding. If you take a lot of care, they will try to dominate you. So, make a healthy balance and train your pet to obey your commands.


Some dog breeds do not demand a lot of care. They can grow without causing disturbances. If you want minimal care, make sure that the dog breed is overall healthy and less energetic. You can choose a dog that fits your lifestyle.