Why you must have banana in summers

Health benefits of banana

Banana is a miracle fruit and is a complete meal by itself. Recently, celebrity nutritionist and author Rujuta Diwekar shared a social media post where she talked about how bananas can be included in our daily diet during the summer season. She suggests consuming it as the first thing in the morning, pre-and post-workout, as a mini meal when your main meals are getting delayed. She also recommends adding banana to your main meals, with milk, as a sabzi (banana flower), as a bhakri (banana flour), and in many other ways. Have a look at collective wisdom of grandmothers from all parts of the country, to give you 5 ways of using banana effectively this summer.

02/7 ​Banana to start the day

Banana is a low-acid fruit and is an ideal fruit to start the day as it helps prevent acidity, migraines, and even cramps in the legs.

03/7​ Banana as a mid-meal

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body doesn’t make enough thyroid hormones. And it has been proven that banana as a rich source of energy beats the energy slump that comes with hypothyroidism. It is also an excellent mood uplifter which can be consumed as a mid-meal to keep the body energized.

04/7 ​Banana with milk, sugar and roti

According to Rujuta, this healthy combination is a traditional meal of Shikran. It is believed to be useful in beating headaches and migraines. Also, it is good for kids as a meal as it is easy to digest.

05/7 ​Banana to end the meal

Bananas are rich in fibre, which helps relieve constipation. Also, banana has lower levels of fructose which helps control IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

06/7​ Banana as a milkshake

If you are someone who is habituated to have small meals throughout the day, Rujuta suggests adding banana milkshake as your go-to solution. She says, “It is an ideal meal for late night studying, in between online classes or as a great post-workout meal.

07/7 ​What’s more?

Bananas are full of benefits and moreover they are easy to digest and that’s the reason Rujuta stresses, “Banana zaroor khana”. Also, while buying bananas, remember to ask for the local variety, which is likely to be free from adulteration and will also help create demand for local produce so that the native species survive the onslaught of industrial scale food production.